Communicate without sacrificing your life's privacy.

Direct device-to-device, fully End-to-End encrypted communication without intermediate servers/storage.

100% End-to-End Encrypted

Every message, document, picture, and video exchanged in chats or notes is securely and fully end-to-end encrypted for 100% secure transmission.


100% Private

Everything shared in your chats remains fully private, utilizing WebRTC for secure transmission. No data is stored in the cloud, nor does it pass through intermediary servers—just direct, device-to-device communication through WebRTC.


WebRTC: Device-to-Device Communication

Enjoy Server-less, end-to-end encrypted messaging. Every message you send or receive is transmitted directly between your device and your contact's device, no intermediate servers, no data processing, no storage. Step into a new era of communication with Altnine.

Mask Mode: When You Need It

Toggle mask mode in your chat with a simple double tap. Safeguard your messages from spying eyes around you and enjoy ultimate privacy.

You can customise number of visible messages.

Pin Lock for Chats

Secure your selected chats with individual passwords. You can also use Face ID or Fingerprint to unlock for easy and secure access.

Chat Nicknames: Make It Yours

Set a personalized name for your chats for easy recall or to maintain privacy. Whether you want a different name for easy memory or to hide the original one, the nickname feature is here for you. Customize names within your device.

Chat Categories: Never Miss a Message

If you have a lot of chats going on, categorize and organize them into specific categories. Ensure that the important ones are always at your priority.

User IDs: Safeguard Your Phone Numbers

Create a unique user ID of your choice for your profile, serving as your identifier. Use it to find and communicate without revealing your phone number.

Ease of Use, Stay Effective

Effortlessly filter through unread and unanswered chats. Pin important messages on top, take notes, ensuring you never miss a conversation. Stay effective with ease.

Statistics: Be the Boss of Your Time

Altnine will display the total time spent on each chat and overall, along with other chat-related stats. Take control of your time and make the best use of it with our helpful insights.

Communication Code: Your Consent First

Tired of receiving chats/calls from unknown users? We are introducing the Communication Code feature, which will be requested from any user initiating a chat/call with you.

Trusted Contacts

Enable your family, friends, and close relations to reach you without using the communication code feature by adding them as trusted contacts. These contacts can chat/call you without the need for a communication code when it's enabled.

App Lock & Data Flush Lock

Enhance your Altnine app security by enabling the Pin lock, used to authenticate you when opening the app. Additionally, the Data Flush Pin provides a heightened level of security; opening the app with the flush pin erases all your data, presenting a clean slate upon entry.

True Platform Independence: Communicate with Any Device

Powered by WebRTC, Altnine breaks barriers with true platform independence. Devices take the lead, allowing seamless communication with any other device that follows the WebRTC protocol. A groundbreaking open platform for universal communication.