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Installing Altnine

Installing Altnine is easy, we now support Android and iOS devices, you may search for Altnine in your Play Store or App Store, or find the direct links of Altnine App in App Store & Play store from our home page.

Registering with Phone Number

Altnine user accounts are based on phone numbers to make it secure yet easy for logins, you will need an active phone number to register, you will receive a confirmation code on that number which is verified then your account is created. you need to provide basic account details, Full Name and optional email.

Finding Contacts

Altnine will ask you permissions to read your contacts and search for those contacts in our user base, it will show you the users that are using Altnine from your contacts, you may press on the user avatar of any contacts and see their profile, take actions like Call, Chat, Favorites etc from there. we will not store your contacts in our servers.

Starting a Chat

Starting a chat is easy, press the + icon on home screen at the bottom right action button array, it will take you to contacts page to pick a contact to start chat. if that contact has enabled advanced privacy with Communication Code then you will need to enter that 4 digit communication code to start chat, if you are soemone frequently calling or chatting with that user then you may request that user to add you add favourite contact so you are no more asked this communication code.

Starting a Group Chat

You can create a group chat with your contacts, manage you can admin it, add people, etc. Press the + icon on Home to go to Chat creation page which is contact list to start one to one chats, and in there you have Create Group Chat Icon on bottom right, that will show you a popup panel to enter group name and then forwards you to add/manage people into that group.


You can make Audio & Video calls to your contacts, chose a contact, tap on the avatar to open profile and choose Audio / Video call option to start call, all your calls(audio & video streams) are End-to-End encrypted and not stored, not even processed via any servers.

What data is collected and stored?

We collect your Account Name, phone number, and other preferences of your to use within Altnine, and these are stored in our servers to provide global account identification. We also access your contacts but these are not stored in our servers, none of your mesages, none of your media/files are stored in our servers. Your notes are stored in our servers in encrypted data.

Local Data Storage

Your Messages, Media, Notes, Chats, Contact Information all of this is stored only in your device local storage and every piece of this information is encrypted, so what we store in your device is also encrypted data, and that data is read decrypted and presented to you on the app when you use it. No plain information. This encryption happens with user specific encryption keys, so transfering this information by means to other accounts will not decrypt these, only the intended account sessions can read this information. You info is tightly secured.

Data Transmission and Handling

We dont have intermediate servers or storage, we enable device to device communication, so we dont store your messages/files, we transmit them like a stream without using any servers, in this process we encrypt your data with a two stage encryption, an End-to-End encryption and Random Injection Algorithm, we have built it that every message is uniquely encrypted so no one other than your app with your phone number can read these.

User IDs

As part of protecting your privacy and online presence at Altnine, we provide unique User IDs to each user, these are public identifiers for accounts, people can search with these, find people with these while choosing to not reveal your phone number, the default setting is that your phone number is hidden for others, but if you choose to, you may turn this off and reveal your phone number. Go to Settings > Privacy > Phone Number Visibility.

Communication Code

Strangers can not contact you, can not add you to groups, can not call you, communication code is a 4 digit code thats generated by your app and the same is required for anyone trying to reach you, they can connect you only if they enter the code of yours. This code is one time use only and refreshes as soon as one is consumed. You can disable this to allow chats/calls from everyone if you choose to. You may leave it enabled and add some contacts to your trusted contacts so they will not be required to provide this.

App Lock Pin

You can set lock for you app, this will be prompted everytime you open your app to provide additional security. Go to Settings > Security > App Lock Pin to set your pin. You can also use your Fingerprint /FaceID to unlock it if available.

Flush Pin

A Flushpin is also used to login to your app when Pin enabled, but usage of Flushpin will wipe all the chats, messages, files within your account and present you a fresh space.


Every piece of information that you exchange on chats is End-to-End encrypted with time tested WebRTC protocol, and to extend it more, the information we send to End-to-End encryption is pre encrypted with our own Random Injection Algorithm, making every message encrypted uniquely. Its a two stage encryption protecting your information in transit. In your device we store all your chats and media/files, which is also encrypted with user specific salts so no other app, not even Altnine with other user can read these.


Notifications are also a consideration when dealing with privacy and security, any information that is put to notifications may reveal it to other apps that has access central resources, so we dont show notifications with message content by default, you may change it if you want at Settings > Notifications.


When you have a lot of chats, categorize them, organize them. Long press on categories to add/manage them, or press the vertical dots icon on right side of category bar. If you dont want categories you can disable these at Settings > Chats > Chat Categories.


Notes help you stay efficient and not miss important things happening on chats, create a note from a message to stay on track, you can also create notes without messages, its just a note taking facility assisting your time.

Nicknames on Chats

Generally the chat titles are defined by authors/admins of chats, but to offer more control, one can set any nickname to any chat so that chat is treated with that nickname within that device while not interrupting others. Go to any chat, open settings by pressing the gear icon on top right, and enable Nick name.

Masked Chat

With deep focus on privacy and security, Altnine is offering Masked chat feature, with this all of your messages except the latest are masked and protecting your privacy from others spying onto your screens. You can control on howmany messages to be visible on a masked chat, go to Settings > Privacy > Masked Chat. and you can totally disable this too.

Online Presence

You can control your online status presence, your typing status, and choose visibility of your phone number, your phone number is hidden for others default, you may change these at Settings > Privacy.

Media Storage

All the media that you share/receive on chats is not stored into your gallery unless you download those. All of the media files exchanged within Altnine are stored locally on your device in small encrypted chunks and are only readable by Altnine and no other app can see it. You may download media or files to store them in your gallery.

Data Expiry

All your chat messages are stored locally on your device, and it will expire based on the settings you choose. Go to Settings > Chats > Expire Messages, and choose the expiry time for your information.


If you want to logout from your account, you may do so from Settings > Logout.

Delete Account

If you want to delete your account with Altnine, you can do it from the app. Go to Settings > Profile > Delete my Account. All your notes, chats, account information, preferences and everything associated with your account will be permanently deleted.