Terms of Use

Altnine will not share, sell, monetize any of your information or data in any way.

Altnine will not collect or store any of your sensitive information, any of your chats, messages, docs & files. Everything in chats is delivered from device to device(peer-to-peer) without any intermediate cloud storage or cloud servers, as its not stored, there is no way that someone can access it. Also it is two stage encrypted, end-to-end encryption on top of our custom Random Injection algorithm, making sure that the information in trasit is fully secure and cant be read by others.

Minimum Age

You must be at least 13 years old to use our Services. The minimum age to use our Services without parental approval may be higher in your home country.

Account Registration

To create an account you must register for our Services using your phone number. You agree to receive text messages with verification codes to register for our Services.

Fees and Taxes

You are responsible for data and mobile carrier fees and taxes associated with the devices on which you use our Services.


You use our services at your own risk, we provide our services without any express or implied warranties, we have all rights on controlling our services for any reasons.

Acceptable Use

You agree to use our Services only for acceptable purposes. You will not use it against your laws, you will not use it for spamming, bulk messaging, auto-messaging, and auto-dialing.

Not for Emergency Use

Our Services do not provide access to emergency services. Do not depend on us for any emergency communication for any reason.

Your Rights

You own the information you store,share,communicate using our services.

Our Rights

We own all copyrights, trademarks, domains, logos, encryption algorithms, patents, and other intellectual property rights associated with our Services. You may not use our copyrights, intellectual property rights unless you have our written permission from us.