Privacy Policy

Altnine will not share, sell, monetize any of your information or data in any way.

Altnine is built with WebRTC Protocol, where the communication happens between devices without any intermediate servers, its a standard protocol trusted, tested and certified. we do not use cloud servers to store or process anything you communicate in chats. We are fully End-to-End encrypted and also we use second stage encryption using our Random Injection algorithm which will encrypt each individual message in a different way.

Account Information

You register a phone number when you create your account with us. Phone numbers are used as unique-identifier to provide our Services. You may optionally add other information to your account, such as a profile name and profile picture and all of this information is encrypted.

Managing your Account/Information

You have total freedom to manage your account information anytime, you have the right to delete your account and we will not store any of your identity once its deleted.

Messages and Files in Chats

Anything you communicate/share within chats is not stored anywhere otherthan your device and the users device who its intended to receive, all this communication is End-to-End encrypted on top of our custom Random Injection encryption. any messages that are not delivered immediately will be put on queue within your device and only on your device.

Your Contacts

With your permission, we access your contacts to show you which contacts of yours are using Altnine already, these information may be transmitted to our servers to check and find who are using our services, and this transfer is fully encrypted.

Your Phone Number

We may share your phone number with third-parties to enable login services, where you will receive a login verification code to proceed.

Sharing your data

We will not share any little information that we know about you unless its requested by law, regulation, legal, government authorities on cases of potential violations